10 Ways Your Phone Can Kill, Be Careful And Take Note Of Them

Majority of people have been asking and wanting to know if their phones can kill. Well, the answer is Yes, absolutely, phones can kill. Phones are similar to bombs waiting to explode if care is not appropriately taken. In this article today, I will tell you 10 ways smartphones can kill and they include;

1. The Battery Can Overheat And Explode

Do you know that the battery of smartphones can overheat and then explodes? There is even a chance that one will not survive it or probably If they survive, their face and other parts of their body will be ruined.

2. The Charger Can Shock

Believe me or not, the phone charger can shock one to death, this is why, it is expected of you to allow your phone to charge before making use of it.

3. The Radiation Can Cause Cancer

Yes, another thing discovered is that phone radiations give cancer to the body that could actually kill.

4. The Phone Can Overheat And Burn.

This is another thing phones can do to end a life. Please, while sleeping, do not keep your phones on you, especially on your chest and neck as the phone has the tendency to overheat and cause burns. See pictures of how some people were burnt by their phones because of overheating.

5. It Can Lead To Death.

How possible is this? Funny or strange right? Well, many people have died due to taking of selfies. Some people may climb tall places like skyscrapers or cliffs just to take selfies but they fall down in the process.

6. It Can Cause Accident

This has caused a lot of accidents and will continue to do so if people don`t stop doing it. Using the smartphone when driving can distract you and then lead to accident. Are you among those who use phones while driving? You must stop now or it can lead to accident.

7. It Can Kill When In A Bathtub And Using It While Plugged

Don`t ever try this and those who are into it should stop it for their own safety. Just imagine if the charging cord is broken and it mistakenly touches the water? The person will instantly be electrocuted to death. Not only that, one can be electrocuted by just holding and charging their phone.

8. It Causes Distractions

This particular one has killed many people and still has the tendency to kill anyone who easily gets distracted by their phones. When you are too addicted to your phone, you will not know what is happening around you which can make you a victim of the dangerous situation.

9. Charging Of Phones On The Bed While Sleeping

The phone can overheat and burn one when charging the phone on the bed while sleeping especially when it’s on the chest. Some people slept but didn`t wake up, then investigations were carried out and it was discovered that they were electrocuted by their phones.

10. Making Phone Calls When Phone Is In Charge

I’m sure you must have heard of stories on how some people were electrocuted by their phones because they didn’t unplug the charger before receiving a phone call. No matter how important the phone call is, make sure you unplug before accepting any calls.

Prevention They Say Is Better Than Cure, So Stay Safe.

Source: Phoenix news.com

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