8 Things Women Do Only When They Are Truly In Love With Their Partners


When a woman loves you unconditionally…

Once you overcome your struggle of ‘to be or not to be in love’, you will come cross another Hamletian dilemma, ‘She loves me or she does not love me’. This also holds true for men who have been in a long-term relationship. Love, as we all know, is dynamic and it’s not unusual for a person to fall out of love. That brings us to the important topic of ‘true’ love. We assume that when two people are truly in love, nothing can go wrong. So, when a person is truly in love with another, there will be certain signs—the way they behave or things they do for their partners. Let’s read about a few things women do when they are truly in love.


​She has seen your worst side and is still in love with you

She was with you through thick and thin. When you were fired from your job and you had no money to even pay your house rent, she was your constant support. You could share anything with her and never worry about being judged. From your worst fears to your biggest insecurities, she knows it all and still loves you immensely. 


She guides you when you go astray

When you fight with your parents or friends and distance yourself from everyone, she listens to all your problems but at the same time she makes you realise your mistakes. She is your friend and guide. You know you can depend on her when you need advice. And the best part: She has the guts to call a spade a spade, and show you the light at the end of the tunnel.


​She fights but do not end your relationship because of your quarrels

Have you ever seen a couple who does not fight? Arguments are a part of any relationships. When a woman is truly in love with her partner, she will try to heal the differences that crop us in their relationship. For her, fights or arguments are a way to sort out their troubles. She does not use fights as weapons to bring the relationship to an end.


She loves you the way you are and does not try to change you

No two people are same and that’s what makes them unique. A woman who loves you truly would accept you the way you are. Your imperfections do not matter, because no one is perfect. She does not care if you have a job or not, overweight or skinny. She is in love with you and your imperfections, and will never try to change you for anything.


She is always there for you

She is always there when you need a companion to talk about the details of your day or anything under the sky. Even if she is busy, she will politely tell you that she will get back to you once she completes the chores at hand. She always accommodates your last-minute plan in her busy schedule. You know you are her priority but knows to draw the perfect balance between her personal and professional life. 


She talks about a future with you

When a woman is truly in love with her partner, she is not only concerned about the present but plans for a beautiful future as well. Be it a random conversation about owning a home together or having children, she would include you in all her plans. 


She seeks your advice whenever she needs to take an important decision

Seeking your advice on important personal and professional issues is her way of acknowledging your role in her life. This is a sign that she considers you as a partner with whom she can share her problems and achievements. So, your opinion matters a lot. If she consults you before quitting her job or buying a property, be assured that you have found the perfect partner to spend a lifetime with.

Source: timesofindia.com

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