9 Mistakes You Are Making While Brushing Your Teeth

Cleaning our teeth is a daily routine we must adhere to but brushing too often, or for not long enough is just one of the other bad habits we carry out unkowningly

Below are Mistakes You Make

  1. Using Particular Toothbrush For Too Long

If you brush at least twice a day, that’ s almost 200 times used in 31 days. The bristles of your brush start to strain and it become ineffective. You should consider changing your toothbrush

  1. Not Brushing Your Teeth Long Enough

Did you know that brushing for 2 minutes is the recommended time for brushing according to Dentists? consider using a stopwatch when brushing.

  1. Rinsing Your Mouth With Water immediately

Many rinse their mouths immediately with water after brushing. This removes the active ingredients of the toothpaste, you need to give your toothpaste enough time to work. If you must rinse immediately use a mouthwash.

  1. Storing Toothbrushes Inside The Bathroom

We have this habit of keeping our toothbrushes in the bathroom and a ratio tested had fecal residue. Or might contain gems.

  1. Not Flossing

Flossing is an integral aspect of oral or dental health and one that is mostly overlooked and not probably studied.

  1. Not Cleaning Tongue

Buy a tongue scraper, spoon or use your toothbrush to scrape your tongue after brushing properly. This removes toxins and bacteria and will make sure you don’ t suffer bad breath.

  1. Using A Too Hard Toothbrush

Using too hard toothbrush will damage your tooth enamel, it also causes gum recession and make them bleed. Use a soft or extra- soft toothbrush, a hard toothbrush shouldn’ t be an option.

  1. Change Brushing Technique

Many people place their toothbrushes straight across their teeth. The ideal way is to brush in circles.

  1. Over- Brushing

Brushing More than twice a day will lead to damage. Twice a day is the recommended amount. You should also wait at least 30 minutes after eating before brushing.

Source : explorerunite.com