Akua Saucy’s bedroom photos & videos hit online – Photos

The bedroom photos and videos of Akua Saucy, a popular Ghanaian Twitter influencer, are currently trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Akua Saucy is known for flaunting her curves and posting naked pictures on social media in order to attract guys for engagement. She is also said to be a pimp.

The full-figured socialite is having a bad day after her private photos and videos were leaked online for all to see what she was up to beneath the dress.

Preliminary investigations show that her chain of bedroom videos/photos was shared on Twitter by @Kwaby Skrilla and later deleted.

The guy @Kwaby Skrilla was reportedly giving Akua Saucy Ghc50 for her unclothed pics every day, and as a result, he has a large file full of raunchy images and video of her.

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In another exclusive info, the Akua Saucy(@Ayam_July) got her hands on the @Kwaby Skrilla’s mobile phone and refused to return it to him. This however got the guy angry.

He took to Twitter to caution Akua Saucy to comply and return his phone or have her private photographs and videos splashed online. He subsequently shared the images.

A post of Skrillax threatening Akua over his phone;

Meanwhile Check out some beautiful photos of the Akua Saucy below;

Unfortunately, our site policies do not allow us to publish such materials here (bedroom photos and videos). Keep searching you can find it somewhere on social media.

Source: http://www.ghpage.com