Risk factors of Breast Cancer you should know

Breast cancer is a malignant or benign new growth that forms in the cells of the breasts. Breast cancer occurs mostly women than in men due to the estrogen (reproductive hormone) produced by women.

Risk factors of Breast Cancer

There are some factors associated with a possible risk of getting breast cancer. These include:

  1. Being a female: as stated in the intro, women produce estrogen so are prone of getting breast cancer.
  2. Age: one is likely to get breast cancer as age reaches her.
  3. Family history of breast cancer: when two or more family family members have been once diagnosed with breast cancer, there’s a high possibility of being diagnosed too.
  4. Excessive exposure to ionizing radiation to the chest can lead to breast cancer.
  5. Obesity: another great factor of getting breast cancer
  6. A person is at risk of breast cancer when she began menstruating at a younger age (before age 12).
  7. Beginning menopause at an older age.
  8. Alcohol intake is another risk factor of breast cancer.
  9. Having first child after age 30 can increase one’s risk of breast cancer.
  10. Women who never got pregnant.

How to prevent of Breast cancer

  • Go for breast screening, the breast is screened with ultrasound (for 18years to 30years) and mammogram (30 years and above).
  • Self examine your breasts as often as you can to be sure of any change in the breasts and seek for immediate health attention. What to look out for when you examine:
    1. Feel a new lump in the breast or underarm.
    2. there’s a massive or even light swelling on a part of the breast.
    3. there’s an irritation in the breast skin.
    4. there’s severe pain in the nipple and areola.
    5. there’s an unusual discharge including blood from the nipple other than breast milk.
    6. there’s a change in the size and shape of the breasts.
    7. There’s discomfort in any part or area of the breast.
  • Learn to do more exercises most days. Being inactive can pose danger to the health.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Choose healthy diets everyday.
    Treatment of the breast cancer is by chemotherapy or mastectomy ( complete excision of the breasts).
    It is better if you detect it earlier than to lose your whole breasts or even die.
  • Once breast cancer can be seen on the skin, it is a very bad prognosis. When the surrounding skin of the nipple which is called dimpling of the skin like that of the skin of an orange or lemon, it means the cancer cells are blocking the lymph drainage of the breasts resulting in fluid accumulation in the breast tissue leading to the dimpling.