Man disgraces a hookup girl for bedwetting

One of her clients humiliated a hookup girl from social media after she urinated on his mattress after their encounter.

According to what we gathered, the two decided to meet and have fun on an agreed-upon date after having a conversation online and over the phone.

It went on to say that after all the fun, the lady decided to spend the night at his place, but her luck ran out when she ended up urinating on the guy’s mattress.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, an angry man is seen throwing an object at the lady while one of his friends tries to stop him from further injuring the lady, who sits on the bed in shame.

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Check out the video below:

Read some comment below:

prinx.allotey: “It can be some sickness or out of ignorance(which is not intentional). I can feel how she’s going through. Things like these should be handled as human and not like this. Well it’s his bed?”

forgyver_kemmy: “This is not a beating matter, elderly woman wet my bed before, and recently a friend of mine did same thing”

xotlist: “He made the Ghal feel at home! ??????”

manuel_asa19: “Wahala no dey finish ?”

bisa_fatimah: “???? next time he will get shit ?”