Require COVID-19 result from men before accepting their proposals – Ursula Owusu tells women

Ursula Owusu, who is Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s second term minister-designate for communication, has confirmed that ladies might be tempted to begin asking for a COVID-19 test result.

With the recent increase in the deadly cases of COVID-19, the news went viral that erectile dysfunction is triggered by the second waves and men who have recovered from COVID face such a problem.

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Ursula Owusu responded to it after seeing a news article talking about this new development where she instructed individuals to mask up.

In a post she saw on her social media handle, she revealed that before deciding to marry men, women could be pressured to see a COVID test result from the way things look in connection with this COVID.

Covid is real ooo people. This latest twist isn’t only a problem for the men but for all of us INTERESTED STAKEHOLDERS!!!! Please mask up and save your relationships.We may demand negative test results before we commit ooo. Push us not and mask up!!! Save your life and that of the stakeholder(s). Guys, take note. A WORD TO THE WISE”, she posted.

See screenshot below:

Source: http://www.ghpage.com