She takes trotro to school & her mother sells Indomie – Friend exposes Rose of Date Rush

Rose’s close friend has revealed that the participant in TV3’s date rush program lied when she said on the show the other time that she only used Uber as a mode of transportation.

The program has become a toast for many Ghanaian television viewers as it continues to deliver dramatic and compelling content to viewers week after week.

Most of the previous participants were invited to the show’s final edition, dubbed the reunion edition, which saw a higher level of drama.

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Rose left with Manbossey after he kept her rush going. During the reunion on Sunday, they met at the show, which featured some dramatic scenes.

Rose had apparently been tagged as a disrespecting girl. The drama begun when her date Manbossey complained bitterly to host of the show Giovani that the only thing Rose cared about was money.

” It was so bad that whenever I texted her how she was, she’d say she was broke and needed money. She even told me the last time she took a commercial vehicle was 2018. She claims that she is an uber lady and takes uber to anywhere she had to go. I was upset because I felt she was being unrealistic with her demands.” Manbossey stressed.

Rose’s reaction to what Manbossey said was, “I have needs, and as a man, you are obligated to meet those needs!!” I’m an Uber girl, and I can’t recall the last time I took a “troski.”

Well, a few days after she said this, one of her classmates from the same high school has categorically stated that Rose is a liar.

According to Ghbase, Rose’s friend who prefers to remain anonymous, Rose used to take a commercial vehicle to school, which she still does, and her mother sells indomie at a popular Accra restaurant.