The Covid Challenge

Most people are worried with the upsurge of Covid 19 cases, however no one seem to take responsibility for our inactions causing the rise in cases.

No one nation can continually shutdown its systems because of a pandemic, at one stage you need to ease up the system to allow for normal activities go on making sure citizens are protected and protect themselves.

Are we doing that? The answer is no, despite the consistent guidelines in place to ensure safety of citizens, with key interest none seems to follow it, our markets are having veronica buckets without water, no tissue customers enter markets without washing their hands.

Do we wear nose mask? just a few do, Sadly most of our youth seem not to care and walk around without it, parents allow their kids out without supervision, forgetting that these youth can carry the virus and get well meanwhile when they infect the elderly they are at serious risk of loosing their lives.

Do we collectively ensure adherence? No there is no serious enforcement from authorities with punitive measures, but do they even have to? No because as human beings we need to think and behave in wisdom.

Similarly we talk to people without nose mask, buy from people without nose nask, neither do we tell them to wear it, do we even carry hand sanitizers, few do and do not even sanitize their hands, yet most of the items we buy we eat them direct or take them home.

Do we really know the impact of covid 19 on our lives? No because we want to see dead bodies, we want to be shown people who are suffering before we believe its real. Do we know it can leave a permanent damage in body systems it attarks, Yes it does and can affect you later in life.

Sadly most family who cherish dead bodies have abandoned their bodies and allowed the AMA and other bodies to burry them even though the health officials indicated they will supervise the burial for the families, this tells you when you have it you are on your own and need to fight for survival, at that stage no one wants to be infected

What can you do to make sure you are safe from the virus.

  1. Do not wait for someone to tell you to wash your hands, do it and do it more frequently to protect your life.
  2. Do not wait for someone to tell you to sanitize your hands, if you dont you will blame yourself later when you have the virus.
  3. Dont allow people to talk to you without nose mask, tell them to wear wear it before talking to you, they may recover you may not, wearing your nose mask with the other person not having it is even more risky because of droplets falling on you or your hands.
  4. Whether you want to believe it or not, the virus is there, no one will show you a dead body, but you can become one. Dont be a candidate for mass burial, allow yourself to die in dignity.
  5. Dont think the hospitals will have enough time to treat you when the numbers go up, Italy, Spain and America have all seen the worst, do not allow yourself to be in same situation. If the numbers exceed their capacity to handle you may not be lucky to have the care you need, prevent yourself from going there.
  6. If you are carefree, you will soon realise that your will be cared for by the mortuary attendant. Do not wish to be there, practice all the safety measures.

Be wise and know that people as young as 9 years and people as old as 84 years have all died from the virus, its no respector of persons.

Think wisely now and save your life now.

Article published by:

Eleazer Fianko Ofei
Accra Institute of Technology

Ebenezer Mensah
Student ( SRC president)
Accra Institute of Technolog

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