Ukraine destroys four Russian armoured vehicles in a row with missiles.

Ukraine Weapons Tracker, an organisation that documents weapons deployed in Russia’s war against Ukraine, shared the videos.

The weapon shown in the films is a Ukrainian-made missile that has been used successfully to attack Russian tanks.

NATO partners have been scrambling to supply Ukraine with heavy armament in recent weeks, as commanders have been pleading for guns.

According to social media videos, a Ukrainian anti-tank weapon, the Stugna-P, destroyed four Russian tanks in a row near Kharkiv.

The videos were shared by the Twitter account Ukraine Weapons Tracker, which follows and documents weapons used and damaged in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The videos show the viewfinder of the Stugna-P as it is targeted and fired, weapons that, combined with shoulder-fired missiles, drones, and artillery, are destroying Russia’s armored vehicles in large numbers.

The Stugna-P is a Ukrainian-made anti-tank missile system that has been used successfully to destroy Russian tanks throughout the war.

Stugna-P can attack tanks up to 3.1 miles away and, along with missiles like the shoulder-fired Javelin, is exacting a heavy toll on Russian armoured vehicles, with researchers estimating Russia has lost 571 tanks in two months of the war. Stugna-P is useful for stealth attacks because it can be set up on a tripod and camouflaged so that operators can hide before activating the weapon with remote control.

In recent weeks, NATO allies have rushed to supply Ukraine with heavy weaponry, as commanders begged for weapons to help them withstand relentless Russian attacks that could last weeks, if not months.

Source: MSN