goalkeeper at the Nsawam Prison

VIDEO: Meet the talented goalkeeper trying to launch his career from Nsawam Prison

Aboagye has three more years to serve at Ghana’s medium security prison, having already served six years and some months.

In a documentary aired by TV3, the young man tells the story of how he’s been working hard to realise his dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper.

According to him, he has always wanted to become a goalkeeper but his parents preferred having him in school instead.

Arhin Aboagye

Arhin Aboagye

This, he said, made him become a truant, with some of his deviant acts being the reason for his imprisonment.

“My wish was to be a goalkeeper but my parents wanted me to be in school,” Aboagye said in an honest revelation.

“I wasn’t a brilliant child in school so I thought football would offer an escape. I ended up a truant. It was through my deviant behavior I ended up here.”

He said being in prison has dealt him a massive reality check and, he doesn’t just look forward to being reformed, but also taking advantage of every opportunity to launch a career.

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Arhin Aboagye saving a penalty kick

Arhin Aboagye saving a penalty kick

“I was really wayward; I was doing a lot of illegal things but, being here has helped in orienting my mindset,” he said.

“This place has refined me. I don’t joke with my training here because I know it’s football that will give me a good future.”

Aboagye looks up to Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana and says he hopes to emulate the success of the young Cameroonian goalie.

Tweet from Andre Onana

Tweet from Andre Onana

Luckily for him, immediately the documentary went viral, Onana spotted it and has promised to send a signed jersey and gloves to Aboagye.

“I don’t want to go back to doing the illegal things that brought me here. I want to do better so as to continue with my football,” Aboagye added:

Watch the full documentary below:

Football Behind Bars

A hero behind bars. One of the many interesting stories of our special series on football and reformation at the Nsawam Prison, is that of Arhin Aboagye, a pure goalkeeping talent with an appetite for making big, bold saves. #3Sports

Posted by TV3 Ghana on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

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