Young lady cries for help to be saved from her rich abusive husband

A young woman in her twenties has made a heartfelt plea to Ghanaians for assistance after being repeatedly abused by her wealthy husband.

The girl, a former Wesley Girls Senior High School student, claimed she has been married for less than two years and that her husband abuses her on a regular basis.

In a video, a young lady crying uncontrollably stated that she is a mother of two who is unemployed because her husband refused to allow her to work.

According to the girl, who is also a University of Cape Coast graduate, her husband comes from a wealthy family and constantly abuses her for no reason.

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“I have been married for less than two years. My husband did this to me, his family is quiet affluent. I have two kids with him. I am from a very poor home, I need a lawyer. I am jobless because he didn’t want me to work. I don’t have money for a lawyer, I am a product of Wesley Girls. Ghana, please help me”, the young lady said amid tears.

The former student of Wesley Girls Senior High School called on human rights activists and lawyers to come to her aid.

She explained that she is from a very poor home and cannot afford the services of a lawyer.