Mini rechargeable Projector

Flick Technologies Introduces the Flick K1 Rechargeable 4K Projector

Flick Technologies, a leading producer of smart mini projectors in Ghana, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation: the Flick K1 Rechargeable Smart Android 11.0 4K Projector. This portable powerhouse is designed to revolutionize the way we experience entertainment, education, and business presentations. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Flick […]

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The Photography Exhibition You Don’t Need to See: Canon launches World Unseen at Somerset House

Canon Europe ( today announces, ‘World Unseen’, with a photography exhibition that invites visitors – blind, partially sighted and sighted – to experience photography in a new, accessible and immersive way. The exhibition will be held at Somerset House, London between 5-7 April, in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB). There are […]

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Nipah and Lassa

Testing the tests: Scientists seek out best on-the-spot diagnostics for deadly Nipah and Lassa

Scientists who specialize in viral detection are embarking on a search for the most reliable on-the-spot tests for two viral diseases that have the potential to cause deadly epidemics. In a four-year project funded by CEPI and led by FIND, the team will examine and evaluate all available point-of-care testing options for the two diseases. […]

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Crafting Legacies of Hope: One Man’s Journey of Impact, Philanthropy, and Making Memories

In a world often plagued by headlines of strife and discord, it is heartening to shine a light on a story of hope and transformation. Nestled in the heart of Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, Canon ( has provided essential support to the dedicated philanthropist, Moses Oruaze Dickson, offering necessary guidance and expertise to illuminate the […]

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Global Black Impact Summit

Celebrating Black Innovation: the Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) 2023 to Connect the Global Healthcare Community

The healthcare sector has long stood as a vessel for innovation, driven by relentless efforts to prevent disease, promote health education and wellness while advancing global health security and resilience. This industry has been at the forefront of modernization, and in the field, Black entrepreneurs have emerged as trailblazers, bringing innovative solutions to tackling health […]

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