Amerado and Strongman team up to demonstrate that “Rap Is Still Alive” with a brand-new, powerful collaboration.

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Hip-hop lovers and fans of rap music have reason to celebrate thanks to the incredible cooperation between Amerado and Strongman, two titans of the Ghanaian rap industry. The dynamic duo’s “Rap Is Still Alive” tune, which was created by the legendary Atown TSB, combines their unmistakable brilliance and mastery of the written word. This thrilling new album strives to reinforce the value of rap in the constantly changing musical scene.
Amerado and Strongman’s unmatched synergy is on full display in “Rap Is Still Alive” as they deftly swap rhymes that are rich in inventive language, insightful analogies, and engrossing narrative. Atown TSB’s strong production provides the ideal setting for their hard-hitting lyrics, resulting in a captivating aural experience that will appeal to rap fans all across the world.

Both Amerado and Strongman have built strong reputations as skilled wordsmiths and have amassed loyal followings throughout their careers. Their commitment to preserving and promoting the art of rap is evident in their contributions to the Ghanaian music industry. By collaborating on “Rap Is Still Alive,” they aim to inspire and rejuvenate the rap community while showcasing their individual strengths and unique styles.

Amerado, known for his exceptional freestyling ability and insightful lyricism, has consistently delivered hits that have garnered widespread acclaim. His versatility and ability to effortlessly switch flows have made him a force to be reckoned with in the rap game.

On the other side, Strongman has established himself as one of Ghana’s best writers. He regularly astounded audiences and peers in the business with his flawless delivery and compelling stories. He has distinguished himself as an artist by skillfully fusing humour, personal stories, and social commentary into his songs.

Amerado and Strongman set out on a quest to show that rap is a kind of art that endures in spite of the constant evolution of the music industry. They are unwaveringly committed to their profession, and “Rap Is Still Alive” is proof of their unrelenting pursuit of perfection.

With the addition of Atown TSB, a seasoned producer renowned for his capacity to build gripping rhythms that connect with listeners, this cooperation is elevated even further. Amerado and Strongman’s performances on “Rap Is Still Alive” are wonderfully complemented by his excellent production, which takes the song’s overall aural quality to new heights.

With its contagious enthusiasm and unmistakable skill, “Rap Is Still Alive” is poised to enthral rap fans and music aficionados all around the world.