Blaq Diamond234’s Multi-Genre Mixtape: ‘Network’


Africa’s music scene has been electrified by the arrival of Philip Haruna, the talent behind Blaq Diamond234, celebrated for his genre-blending prowess encompassing Afrobeats, Dancehall, and AfroFusions. On Friday, September 29, he unveiled his magnum opus, ‘Network,’ a monumental 50-track mixtape that promises a musical journey like no other.

‘Network’ showcases Haruna’s ability to convey his emotions and state of mind through finely crafted lyrics and enthralling instrumentation. The mixtape is an ambitious project divided into five volumes, each comprising ten tracks. What sets it apart is its genre diversity, with each volume exploring a distinct musical style, solidifying Haruna’s versatility as an artist.

According to Blaq Diamond234, the tracks are intricately interconnected, emphasizing the need to experience the entire collection to grasp the full message. Remarkably, Haruna has etched his name in music history by releasing 50 songs in a single day, a testament to his creative fervor.

The mixtape is a testament to his producing and mastering skills, with every song bearing the imprint of his artistic vision. Beyond the musical spectacle, ‘Network’ delves into both personal and societal themes, blending entertainment with introspection.

Ahead of the full mixtape’s release, Blaq Diamond234 strategically teased fans with ‘Bad Habit,’ a single that generated considerable buzz in the industry, building anticipation for the grand unveiling of ‘Network.’

The strategy has paid off, with ‘Network’ amassing significant views and streams across various digital platforms. The mixtape was produced and mastered by Blaq Diamond234 himself and executively produced by Hitz Empire. Blaq Diamond234’s ‘Network’ is a resounding testament to his artistry and an electrifying addition to Africa’s vibrant music tapestry.