Engineering Council Launches Forensic Probe into Ofankor Three-Storey Building Collapse

African News

The Engineering Council has initiated a comprehensive forensic investigation into the recent collapse of a three-storey building in Ofankor, Accra, which occurred on Saturday, September 23. This incident has raised questions about construction safety standards in the area.

The collapse happened behind Ofankor Market, near Asofan, and although the exact cause is yet to be determined, initial reports suggest that heavy rains may have contributed. Fortunately, there were no casualties, as an alert worker on-site noticed signs of an impending collapse and raised the alarm, allowing everyone to evacuate safely.

In a statement dated September 25, the Engineering Council assured the public that it is committed to conducting a meticulous forensic investigation into the matter. The council intends to share critical findings from this investigation with relevant state authorities and the general public, along with recommendations to guide all parties involved.

The Engineering Council also highlighted ongoing investigations into five building collapses that occurred between April and May this year. These investigations are currently in various stages, and the council plans to release essential aspects of the reports to the public in the near future.

While investigations are underway, the Engineering Council called for calm among the public and those affected by the incident. They emphasized their dedication to ensuring the safety and integrity of construction projects and buildings in the area.

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