Frustrated motorists clamour for govt to fix dangerous Tema Motorway

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A rising tide of concern and frustration is sweeping through motorists as they call upon the government to swiftly address the perilous state of the Tema Motorway. This critical transportation route connects Ghana’s capital, Accra, to the bustling port city of Tema, making it an indispensable artery for trade and commerce in the nation.

The Tema Motorway’s dire condition, marked by pervasive potholes, deficient road markings, and inadequate lighting, has transformed it into a source of anxiety for commuters and residents alike. Recent accidents and fatalities on the motorway have further intensified these concerns, underscoring the urgent need for action.

Social media platforms, notably Twitter, have become a rallying point for Ghanaians to share their harrowing experiences on the Tema Motorway, amplifying the demand for immediate repairs and safety enhancements. Many voices have joined the chorus, emphasizing the necessity of safeguarding the lives of those who traverse this route daily.

Beyond the immediate safety concerns, there are growing apprehensions regarding the motorway’s impact on economic activities. It plays a pivotal role in the transportation of goods to and from the port, making its condition a matter of profound significance to trade and commerce in Ghana.

As the clamor for action continues to mount, the government faces mounting pressure to prioritize the rehabilitation and enhancement of the Tema Motorway, ensuring the safety and economic vitality of this vital artery for the nation.