Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) 2023 Celebrates Black Excellence, Advocates for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

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For centuries, Black women have been at the helm of groundbreaking discoveries, specifically in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Overcoming racial barriers and gender biases, Black women from across the world continue to make great strides in these fields, unlocking innovation and fostering new levels of collaboration. While progress has been made to advance equality and eliminate barriers to entry, much more needs to be done to promote participation by Black women in STEM and related fields.

The Global Black Impact Summit (GBIS) ( – taking place from November 30 to December 1 in Dubai – celebrates the remarkable achievements and ongoing efforts by Black women in STEM while offering a platform for greater collaboration and professional advancement. Themed, Black Excellence: Unleashing the Unexplored Potential for Global Unity, the summit features a strong lineup of thought leaders, experts and innovators in STEM. Delegates stand the chance to network with some of the best in the industry while opening up pathways for partnerships and investment.

Black women have been trailblazers in STEM for decades, breaking barriers and unlocking waves of societal advancements. From pioneering computer scientists like Dr. Shirley Jackson to the visionary aerospace engineer Mary Jackson, their impact has been profound. Katherine Johnson completed the NASA calculations that made it possible for land on the moon in 1969 while Dr Gladys West spearheaded the mathematics that enabled the invention of the Global Positioning System. These women, along with many others, have demonstrated that excellence knows no bounds, irrespective of gender. They serve as role models, inspiring countless young Black girls to dream big and reach for the stars. Their stories epitomize the essence of Black Excellence.

Today, we see a new generation of formidable figures, such as Dr. Mae Jemison, the first Black woman in space, and Dr. Jedidah Isler, an astrophysicist breaking new ground in the study of supermassive black holes. In 2021, Senamile Masango became the first Black women to ever have worked on a project at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland, having obtained her Masters in Nuclear Physics. Charlette N’Guessan Desiree won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa prize for engineering innovation in 2020, becoming the first women to ever win the award. Her work in facial recognition technology through her company BACE Group continues to set a strong precedent in the field of tech.

These women and many more STEM innovators are a testament to the critical role Black women play in this field, and the GBIS 2023 aims to promote the achievements made, drive engagement and inclusion while inspiring innovation for years to come.

GBIS 2023 provides a unique platform for Black women in STEM to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise. The event brings together a diverse array of professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs from around the world, creating a fertile ground for the exchange of ideas and collaboration. Workshops, panel discussions, and networking sessions will facilitate meaningful engagement, enabling attendees to forge valuable connections.

Inclusivity is a core principle of the summit. It acknowledges that diversity is not only a moral imperative, but opens new opportunities for innovation and creativity. Collaboration across different STEM disciplines, as well as with industries and institutions, will pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and advancements. In this regard, the event serves as a launchpad for initiatives that support and empower Black women in STEM. From mentorship programs to scholarships and grants, the summit aims to provide tangible resources and opportunities that will help bridge gaps and propel careers forward.