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Josh Blakk & Blakknoters Band Deliver Captivating Performance in Lagos, Nigeria as Part of “One Way Tour” 


Lagos, Nigeria – Renowned Ghanaian artist Josh Blakk and his talented Blakknoters band mesmerized audiences with their stellar performance during the “One Way Tour” stop in Lagos, Nigeria. Following a triumphant kickoff in Accra, Ghana, where they wowed fans at Cloud 9, the team brought their electrifying energy to the stage at Lighthouse, Lekki, Nigeria on February 24th, 2024. Arriving in Nigeria on Wednesday, February 21st, the team wasted no time immersing themselves in the vibrant music scene of Lagos.

They participated in several radio interviews on notable stations such as Hot FM and Bounce Radio, engaging with fans and sharing insights into their musical journey. Additionally, Josh Blakk collaborated with local artists and conducted a lively session with the band at Clout Africa, further enhancing their connection with the Nigerian music community. On the night of the highly anticipated show at Lighthouse, hundreds of enthusiastic fans gathered to witness an unforgettable performance.


With a repertoire featuring tracks from Josh Blakk’s acclaimed album “O.N.E,” the band treated the audience to a series of captivating performances, showcasing their musical prowess and cultural heritage. It was an evening filled with music, cultural celebration, and boundless excitement. As they look ahead to their next adventure, Josh Blakk and the Blakknoters band are thrilled about their upcoming appearance at the Afrofest music festival in Toronto, Canada. This prestigious event presents a unique opportunity for them to further showcase their talent and promote Ghanaian music and culture on the global stage. Before their performance in Toronto, the team will continue their journey to Nairobi and Johannesburg as part of the “One Way Tour.”

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