Kevin-Prince Boateng lied to Secure Barcelona Move

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Former Ghanaian international footballer, Kevin-Prince Boateng, has made a surprising revelation about a strategic decision he made in the past. Boateng confessed to having falsely claimed that Lionel Messi was the best player in the world, choosing the Argentine legend over Cristiano Ronaldo, with the sole intention of securing his place at Barcelona.

Boateng, who had a loan stint with Barcelona during the 2018/19 season, recently opened up about this intriguing episode on the FIVE UK podcast.

The initial endorsement of Messi as the world’s top player by Boateng occurred just before his high-profile move to the Catalan club and garnered considerable media attention at the time. In a 2018 interview with SPOX (via Marca), Boateng had effusively praised Messi, stating, “Ronaldo makes all of this happen in this world, but only in this world. In what transcends this world, the best is Messi because he is incredible, he does things that nobody can do. I do not see him in this world. Ronaldo dominates this world, and Messi is above everything else.”

However, Boateng has now admitted that his statement was far from genuine; rather, it was a calculated move aimed at securing his coveted spot at Barcelona. Speaking candidly during the FIVE UK podcast, Boateng disclosed, “They asked who was the best player in the world, and I said Messi. This one is one of the biggest lies. I usually always say the truth, but this time I had to lie to wear the Barcelona shirt at the Camp Nou.”

Boateng’s revelation sheds light on the extent to which players may go to secure opportunities at prestigious clubs. It also underscores the allure and reputation of clubs like Barcelona, which can prompt even seasoned professionals to take unconventional measures to don the famous shirt and grace the Camp Nou. Boateng’s admission, while surprising, adds an intriguing chapter to the world of professional football and the lengths some players are willing to go to pursue their dreams and ambitions.