Kurt Okraku Motivates Black Queens to Secure Victory in AWCON 2024


Ghana Football Association President Kurt Okraku has showered praise upon the Black Queens for their remarkable performance in the early stages of the 2024 Africa Women’s Cup of Nations (AWCON) qualifiers. In a spectacular display of talent and determination, the team secured a resounding 7-0 victory over Rwanda in Kigali, setting the stage for an exhilarating tournament ahead.

Aiming Higher:

President Okraku’s commendation, however, comes with a clear message: the ultimate goal is not just qualification but the coveted championship trophy itself. Having missed out on the previous tournament, the Black Queens, under the guidance of coach Nora Hauptle, are determined to rewrite their story and recapture their former glory.

Acknowledging Excellence:

President Okraku paid a visit to the team before the second leg in Accra, expressing his gratitude for their unwavering efforts and the pride they bring to Ghana. He lauded their sacrifices and hard work and emphasized the importance of national pride, saying, “Ghana is appreciative and proud of what you’re doing, and that should be your first line of satisfaction.”

A Collective Mission:

Highlighting the shared commitment of the Football Association and the government, President Okraku underlined the significance of the team’s mission in making the nation stronger and prouder. He observed, “What I see here is a national team made up of a group of ladies who are committed towards our country, Ghana.”

A Call for Focus and Unity:

In closing, President Okraku left the team with a resounding message of unity and determination, stating, “We have a clear mission to go back to the AFCON and to win an AFCON trophy. I have no doubt we have the right levels of talent to make it all the way, but talent alone is not enough. Let’s be focused and maintain the good team spirit that we have – because that is the only way we can make it.”

As the Black Queens continue their journey in the AWCON 2024 qualifiers, the words of encouragement from President Okraku serve as a rallying cry for the team and a source of inspiration for fans across the nation. Ghana’s footballing hopes are riding high, and the quest for glory is in full swing.