Mali Postpones Presidential Election Citing Technical Reasons

African News

The military junta in Mali has officially announced the postponement of the presidential election, previously scheduled for February, citing “technical reasons.” According to government spokesman Col Abdoulaye Maiga, a new date for the election will be announced, and parliamentary polls will be held separately.

The decision to delay the election stems from various issues, including challenges related to the adoption of a new constitution and a review of electoral laws. The presidential election was a critical step in the country’s transition to constitutional rule, following military coups in both 2020 and 2021.

Initially, the junta had proposed holding the elections in 2026 but later revised the timeline to 2025. Under pressure from the West African bloc Ecowas, the election date was eventually moved to February 2024.

The announcement of the delay has been met with disappointment from civil society groups and the opposition, who had been looking forward to the election as a means of restoring constitutional governance in Mali. Despite the setback, the country will continue its efforts to navigate the path towards a democratic future. Stay tuned for further updates on the rescheduled election date and related developments.