Passengers celebrate as Lagos metro rail project begins operations

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Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub, has initiated commercial operations for its long-awaited Blue Rail Line project. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu and local officials celebrated the launch, offering hope for alleviating Lagos’ notorious traffic issues.

The rail system aims to serve 250,000 daily riders, reducing travel time along the Mile 2-Marina corridor. Lagos, with its population exceeding 20 million, is synonymous with traffic congestion.

The Blue Rail Line seeks to diversify the city’s transportation options, moving away from heavy reliance on a single mode. Governor Sanwo-Olu announced that the Cowry card, already used by nearly 4 million residents for public transport, would be applicable to the train. He also unveiled a 50% reduction in Blue Line fares.

Initially planned for completion in 2011, Phase I of the 27km Blue Line faced delays due to funding shortages and leadership changes. When fully operational, it’s expected to transport 500,000 passengers daily, significantly improving transportation for Lagos residents.