Real Madrid star Antonio Rudiger in Ghana for vacation

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Antonio Rudiger, a defender for Real Madrid, is currently vacationing in Ghana after a demanding season that required him to juggle club and national team commitments.

The German international spent time with pals while on vacation after arriving in Ghana over the weekend.

Kingsley Schindler, a footballer from Ghana, and Rudiger were seen having fun together during the off-season.

Rudiger made charitable contributions through his foundation, the Antonio Rudiger Foundation, while in his native Sierra Leone before his trip to Ghana.

The athlete paid for eleven children’s surgery in Sierra Leone in 2022 using his World Cup bonus.

The Chelsea team that won the UEFA Champions League included Rudiger. He failed to go to the final with Real Madrid last year, though.

In 2021, while playing for Chelsea in the Premier League, Rudiger made his first trip to Ghana. After competing for Germany in the 2020 Euros, the player traveled to Ghana.