Stop everything and be a good boy – Kwame Sefa Kayi tells Sarkodie


On the occasion of his birthday, renowned media figure Kwame Sefa Kayi sent birthday greetings to Ghanaian rap artist Sarkodie.

The respected media personality used his platform to address the rap king in a shoutout on Peace FM, praising him for his talent but also asking him to take a more upbeat approach to his songs.

Kwame Sefa Kai sincerely wished King Sark a happy birthday and advised him to “be a good boy,” wherever he may be.

He pleaded with Sarkodie not to release rap tracks that criticize other people. While artistic expression is crucial, it is also critical to foster industry solidarity and respect.

Kwame Sefa Kai also made light of Sarkodie’s well-known beard, saying, “Your beard is like something I don’t know.”

Further addressing the ongoing conflict between Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson, the media personality

Kwame Sefa Kai pleaded with Sarkodie sincerely to put aside any anger or differences he might have with the gifted actress.

“One love. Happy birthday, and stop everything, as I said. You will see what I will do to you if you don’t know and write a song in which you mention my name,” Kayi emphasized.

The controversy is related to Yvonne Nelson’s autobiography, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” in which she openly discusses her struggles and tribulations as a young woman trying to find her identity.

The assertion made by Yvonne that Sarkodie impregnated her but wouldn’t accept responsibility, leading to an abortion, is one of the discoveries in the book.

Sarkodie responded by releasing a song titled “Try Me” in which he provided his own account of the events.