Unveiling Ghana’s 1st Female Voice Acting Star Margaret Barden


In a realm where stories and emotions intertwine, Margaret Barden stands as a captivating voice actor, mastering the art of conveying profound feelings through her voice.

Her voice is a key to a spectrum of emotions, skillfully bringing characters to life and transporting listeners to new worlds. This alchemy turns vocal cords into channels of expression, each word a brushstroke on the canvas of imagination.

Margaret’s journey into voice acting is a testament to life’s surprises. Her childhood immersed in stories and emotions laid the foundation for her passion. A whisper transformed into a symphony, as seen in her role as “Maame” in the Leaked audio series.

The recording studio is Margaret’s sanctuary, where the outside world fades, and she dives into characters’ psyches, understanding their joys, fears, and dreams. It’s a transformation that demands vulnerability, conveying emotions authentically.

“Every character has a story,” Margaret explains passionately. “As a voice actor, I unearth that story, making the audience feel every heartbeat, pause, and sigh.”

As a final-year student at Knutsford University and deputy PRO of the SRC, Margaret believes it’s time for Ghana’s creative industry to recognize voice acting’s potential. She emphasizes the need for stakeholders to engage with the youth and highlight voice acting as a viable career.

Margaret’s voice is a beacon of resonance, bridging tradition and innovation. In an evolving entertainment world with digital platforms and virtual reality, she’s ready for new challenges, poised to paint more captivating canvases with sound.

In a noisy world, Margaret’s voice reminds us that genuine emotions always find their way home.