Western Cape Premier set to open pan-African clean tech pitch event at Green Energy Africa Summit

African News

On 11 October 2023, the Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, will provide the opening remarks at Green Energy Africa Summit’s (https://GreenEnergyAfricaSummit.com/) high-octane deal pitching platform, the Energy Investment Village.

A selection of ten African clean-tech start-ups will pitch their clean-tech solutions before a panel of judges and a room full of potential international investors on day 2 of the highly anticipated Green Energy Africa Summit. The Premier’s presence at the Energy Investment Village signals the growing interest in – and serious consideration of – African clean-tech start-ups as viable clean energy investment assets.

This is the second year that Green Energy Africa Summit (https://apo-opa.info/3PLZHI8) has hosted the Energy Investment Village. The initiative was developed in partnership with Freeport Saldanha’s Innovation Campus (https://www.InnovationCampus.co.za/) and advisory firm, the Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (RIIS) (https://EnablingInnovation.Africa/) and Anza Capital (https://Anza.holdings/), an early-stage tech start-up investment company. The Energy Investment Village is supported by Africa Scotland Business Network, JSE, Oceanhub-Africa, Savant, Firecracker, CHIETA, and Sasol.

The Green Energy Africa Summit itself provides an important role in enabling international investors to originate projects that will reduce the energy deficit whilst also contributing to developing low-carbon pathways. The Energy Investment Village is the action-based aspect of the Summit, providing a key moment for African clean energy projects and international investors to have direct sight of one another.  

According to a report by the International Energy Agency, African energy investment needs to double to over USD 200 billion per year by 2030, for the continent to meet its energy-related development goals. However, emerging and developing economies (except for China) remain stuck at 2015 levels, with no increase since the Paris Agreement was reached. 

Premier Winde says, “Our energy demands are currently outstripping supply. When ramping up capacity, clean energy solutions must be a priority. This is particularly important for South Africa if we are to reach our goal of net zero emissions by 2050, to which we’ve committed in our Low-Emission Development Strategy as part of the UNDP Climate Promise, and the Western Cape Government is committed to supporting. Initiatives such as the Green Energy Africa Summit’s Energy Investment Village are excellent vehicles to enable clean energy innovation to flourish. As the Western Cape Government, we are investing heavily in making our province energy resilient. This involves striking a balance between driving economic growth while at the same time developing and harnessing renewable energy solutions.”

As well as finding potential investor-start-up linkages and synergies, the competing start-ups can win valuable prizes provided by the Energy Investment Village sponsors. This includes capacity-enhancing programmes such as:

  • Pitch preparation training programme sponsored by CHIETA (for all finalists);
  • JSE’s Enterprise Acceleration Programme;
  • Build Acceleration Programme 2024 by Savant;
  • Enterprise Supplier Development Programme by Sasol; and
  • a half day brand workshop valued at R25k by Firecracker Events and Marketing.

Additionally, up to R5 million in VC funding (dependent on terms & conditions and company audit) will be made available by Anza Capital, and corporate membership to an international network worth R9k will be given to the top start-up by Africa Scotland Business Network. A cash prize of R100k from Sasol for a selected start-up.

Energy Investment Village finalists for 2023

  • Therm, pioneers in sustainable heating solutions, utilizing innovative technologies for efficient energy consumption. 
  • AET Africa, providers of renewable energy systems, specialising in solar and wind power generation across the African continent.
  • Ceneco Green Power, developers of environmentally friendly power plants focused on reducing carbon emissions.
  • Energy Cubes, innovators in energy storage, offering scalable and cost-effective solutions for optimising power distribution.
  • Powerstove, providers of clean cooking solutions in the form of efficient and clean-burning stoves for households and communities.
  • Revive Earth, turning organic waste into renewable resources while mitigating environmental impact.  
  • Green Share, providers of a decentralised energy management system, enabling communities to generate, store, and share renewable energy.
  • Think Bikes, providing sustainable urban transportation through the design and manufacture of electric bicycles for eco-conscious commuters.
  • Flx, offering cutting-edge electric vehicles with a focus on performance, affordability, and sustainability.
  • Impact-free Water, providers of sustainable solutions for clean and accessible water in resource-challenged regions.