Will the Canon EOS R5 Mark II have a 60 megapixel sensor?

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According to an online rumor, the Canon EOS R5 Mark II’s resolution would increase from its predecessor’s 45mp to 60mp. 60 megapixels appears to be the new 45 megapixels in the full-frame market. Some of the cameras made by Sony and Leica have 60 megapixels. We don’t really care, but we’ll never turn down more resolution.

The following information should be taken with a “grain of salt,” as video specifications are sometimes the last to be revealed before a product launch. Even so, we’re willing to change that.

According to the same claim, Canon will increase framerates for internal 8K shooting, giving us 8K/60P. It was unclear from the story whether or not this would appear in RAW.

The EOS R5 Mark II is reportedly being tested in 8K/180p by Canon, according to information we have received. There was no information on whether cropping was an internal or external option. The EOS R5 Mark II was mistakenly identified with information that may be connected to other Canon products. We merely thought we’d make it public.

The source also includes cooling enhancements for the EOS R5’s upcoming version. There will probably be improvements, but it’s difficult for us to really understand what that entails.

The Camera Insider also adds new “AI Autofocus capabilities” in addition to the previously mentioned details. We don’t want to make any assumptions about what that means, but new autofocus tricks will probably be added to cameras from all manufacturers.

We and others expect the Canon EOS R5 Mark II to appear in the first half of 2024