Adebayor: Time for Arsenal Fans to Let Go of the Infamous Man City Celebration


In an exclusive interview with Sky Sports News, former Arsenal and Tottenham striker, Emmanuel Adebayor, discusses his retirement and reflects on his iconic celebration against Arsenal while playing for Manchester City. Adebayor, now at peace with his retirement, encourages Arsenal fans to move on from the past and focus on the positive memories they shared with him. Let’s dive into the details.

Emmanuel Adebayor, who hung up his boots in March of this year, had an illustrious career that included winning the African Footballer of the Year award in 2007 and 2008. While Adebayor played for various clubs, Arsenal held a special place in his heart, and it was the scene of one of his most unforgettable moments.

Many remember Adebayor for his controversial celebration against Arsenal in 2009, where he sprinted the length of the pitch after scoring for Manchester City. The incident led to a £25,000 fine and a suspended two-match ban from the Football Association. Adebayor maintains that his actions were fueled by the intense abuse he received from some Arsenal fans, including insults aimed at his family.

Now retired from professional football, Adebayor believes it’s time for both himself and Arsenal fans to move past the 2009 incident. He emphasizes that no one should have to endure insults directed at their family and hopes that fans can empathize with his emotions.

Adebayor stated, “It’s behind me now, I hope it is behind them. We all love football. And every once in a while when they see that celebration on television and social media, hopefully now they can laugh it off and move on. That’s what I wish for the Arsenal fans, and I wish them the best of luck this year.”

Adebayor on Current Arsenal: He also shares his thoughts on the current state of Arsenal, applauding their efforts in the previous season and the acquisition of players like Declan Rice. Adebayor believes that with continued investment, the club has the potential to go far in the Champions League and achieve more success.