Agradaa fires the head of the Aboozigi club for allegedly stealing her Husband

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The overseer of the Heavens Way Church, evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, also known as Nana Agradaa, has gone to social media to air her frustrations regarding a scenario that is developing in both her house and church.

Mercy, the president of the Aboozigi Club, was fired from her position as the group’s executive when Nana Agradaa accused her of acting flirtatiously with her husband.

In a video posted on Twitter by a Sika representative, Agradaa expressed her annoyance and revealed Mercy had been fired as the club’s president. She revealed that she had seen texts exchanged between them and claimed that Mercy had been flirting with her husband.

She added that Mercy had made enormous efforts to get in touch with her husband, even going so far as to support him financially without her knowledge.

“Aunty Mercy made an investigation or whatever to get my husband’s number… the intelligence I am picking is that she initially took his number, she has been calling my husband to chat with him, but they didn’t tell me,” Agradaa stated.

She added “And it has gotten to a situation whereby Aunty Mercy has been sending him money, and I am here to say it emphatically that Aunty Mercy, you don’t have money more than me. And I don’t know your mindset by sending my husband money, you didn’t tell me, my husband also didn’t tell me. So, from today the president position (that you hold) I have taken it…”