Alan resigns from NPP to contest as independent candidate

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Former Trade Minister Alan Kyeremanten has taken a significant step in his political career by resigning from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to pursue the office of president as an independent candidate in the upcoming 2024 elections. This move marks the second time Kyeremanten has chosen to part ways with the NPP, following his initial departure in 2007, only to return later. In a press conference held in Accra on Monday, Kyeremanten cited his belief that his contributions were no longer valued within the party as a driving force behind his resignation.

A Strained Relationship

Kyeremanten revealed that the mistreatment of his supporters by the NPP played a pivotal role in his decision to leave the party. He expressed his disappointment, stating that individuals associated with him had been treated with contempt and were effectively sidelined within the party. The former Trade Minister had previously ranked third in the super delegates conference of the NPP, held on August 26, further highlighting the internal dynamics and tensions within the party.

Allegations of Unfair Practices

Kyeremanten did not shy away from accusing the NPP leadership of manipulating internal elections to favor a particular aspirant, further deepening the divide within the party. His resignation and decision to run as an independent candidate reflect his determination to pursue his political ambitions on his own terms and without the constraints he perceives within the NPP.

A Bold Move Towards 2024

As the 2024 elections draw nearer, Alan Kyeremanten’s resignation from the NPP sets the stage for a unique and potentially game-changing political landscape. His bid as an independent presidential candidate will undoubtedly be closely watched, as it carries the potential to reshape the political dynamics in Ghana and provide voters with alternative choices in the upcoming elections. The political future of Kyeremanten remains uncertain, but his bold move signals his commitment to pursuing his vision for Ghana outside the boundaries of the NPP.