Kwahu Traditional Council calls on Government to fix roads to tourist sites

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The Kwahu Traditional Council has raised concerns about the deteriorating state of roads leading to key tourist attractions within the Kwahu Enclave. These renowned tourist destinations, known for their uniqueness, have gained international recognition and play a significant role in advancing the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture’s agenda. To unlock their full potential, the council is urging the government to prioritize the construction of accessible roads connecting these sites.

Tourism’s Vital Contribution

Tourism has become a cornerstone of Ghana’s economic development, and the Kwahu Enclave is no exception. The region’s distinctive attractions draw visitors from far and wide, contributing substantially to the tourism sector’s growth. Recognizing the importance of these attractions, the Kwahu Traditional Council underscores the urgency of improving the road network to ensure easy access for all tourists.

Appeal for Road Rehabilitation

During the official launch of the “2023 Fun and Fly Yenko Kwahu Corporate Paragliding” event, Nana Danquah Bamfo III, the Akyeamehene of Kwahu Atibie, spoke on behalf of the Kwahu Traditional Authority. He shed light on how the deteriorating roads have negatively impacted tourism in the Kwahu enclave.

Nana Danquah Bamfo III expressed particular concern about the road leading to the paragliding site, emphasizing its unsuitable condition for an internationally acclaimed attraction. He called upon the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) to collaborate with relevant authorities to expedite road repairs.

Additionally, he highlighted the subpar state of the landing site at Nkawkaw sports stadium, urging the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Nkawkaw, Mr. Osusu Addo, to address this issue promptly. The improvement of these vital transportation links, from the take-off site at Odweanoma to the landing site at Nkawkaw, holds the potential to enhance Kwahu’s appeal and attract a larger number of tourists.

Government’s Commitment to Infrastructure

Mr. Ben Anane Nsiah, Deputy CEO in charge of Services at the GTA, emphasized the significance of the Corporate Fun and Fly Paragliding Festival. He assured that the GTA is actively collaborating with the Ministry of Roads to ensure that all roads leading to Ghana’s tourist sites are in optimal condition.

In response to the Kwahu Traditional Council’s plea, Mr. Nsiah pledged to convey the concerns regarding road infrastructure to the relevant authorities. This commitment underscores the government’s dedication to addressing the road network’s deficiencies, particularly those leading to Kwahu’s prized tourist destinations, such as the Odweanoma Paragliding site.