Binduri Community Day SHS caterer to continue cooking after receiving arrears

African News

After the school’s caterer is paid the outstanding arrears, academic activities in the Upper East Region’s Binduri Community Day Senior High School are anticipated to resume.

On Thursday, July 13, students left class because the caterer wouldn’t serve meals because of unpaid invoices.

The caterer has been paid and is anticipated to return to work today, Friday, July 14, the Member of Parliament for Binduri, Abanga Abdulai, informed Citi News just twenty-four hours after the problem was initially reported.

“I got the information about the failure of the caterer to cook for the students which resulted in the riot, and so we have taken steps and I can tell you that the caterer has mobilised resources and is back on campus to cook for the students.”

He refuted rumours that the absence of food caused the closure of the entire school.

“It wasn’t closed down as such, but it was the first and second-year students who said they would not go to class if they did not have their hot meal because the form three students are still on campus and so it is just a matter of the authorities inviting them to come back to school to continue with their studies.”

The MP stated that attempts are being made to fix the present one with the required equipment to make it function in response to complaints over the school’s inadequate lavatory facilities.

“These are the E-blocks that were built during Mahama’s administration, and so they were meant to be day schools. So they didn’t provide enough KVIPs, but the Assembly provided them with a KVIP, and it has been completed except that they need to install some facilities in there so that they can use it and that is what has not been done, but it will soon be fitted with the necessary gadgets so that it can be usable.”