FDA warns public against three unregistered water products

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Three water products made by Samdoe Enterprise, located in Community 18 on the Spintex Road in Accra, have been advised against consumption by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).

This comes after the business was shut down because the products weren’t produced under safe and sanitary conditions.

Perfect Ice Drinking Water, Aqua Link Drinking Water, and Leaders Drinking Water are the available products.

“The Authority’s Inspection Team uncovered major safety and quality issues, including operation in an unsuitable wooden structure, presence of open drains with algae and fungi growth, dirty filters, and no pest control regime,” it said in a press release issued by the Chief Executive Officer on Wednesday, July 12.

“The public is therefore cautioned not to consume the unregistered brands listed above.

“Consumers who have already purchased these products are urged to immediately halt their use and properly dispose of them immediately. Retailers and distributors are also requested to withdraw all these brands from the market.”

The FDA advised consumers to exercise caution when selecting water products and opt for those duly registered.