Find out more about VIVA’s Amapiano hit “Spiritual Connection” and its seductive melodies.


VIVA, a DJ and producer from the Netherlands, has just dropped her eagerly awaited tune, “Spiritual Connection.” Her new EP, “Closer to Healed,” which includes a duet with co-producer Tex P, including this great song as part of it. The EP’s seven soulful tracks combine R&B, Jazz, Soul, and Amapiano to produce a really pleasant and absorbing musical experience. All digital streaming services across the world have “Spiritual Connection” available.

Romy Dya’s captivating vocals are featured in the song “Spiritual Connection,” which establishes the mood for an exquisite musical trip. This song by VIVA examines the tremendous depths of interpersonal relationships and the transforming potential of spiritual ties.

VIVA hopes to encourage listeners to embrace these connections and find bits of themselves in others by drawing on her own spiritual path. Have you ever come across someone who made you feel as though you knew them from a previous life? That is the essence of a spiritual connection—an incredible tie that spans distance and time and imparts priceless knowledge and personal development.

Mark July 14, 2023, on your calendars for the release of the complete “Closer to Healed” EP, and follow VIVA on her social media channels to be among the first to experience this immersive musical journey where connection, communication, and healing converge.