Gabriel Jesus Clarifies Ederson Incident During Arsenal’s Victory Over Manchester City


In the wake of Arsenal’s recent triumph over Manchester City, Gabriel Jesus has moved to quell any concerns about his relationship with fellow Brazilian and teammate, Ederson. The Gunners secured a dramatic victory in the Premier League clash, with Gabriel Martinelli netting a late winner.

Towards the end of the match, emotions ran high, particularly at the final whistle when tensions flared between Erling Haaland, Kyle Walker, and Arsenal’s set-piece coach, Nicolas Jover. However, another intriguing incident occurred in stoppage time, featuring Gabriel Jesus and Ederson.

As the clock wound down, Jesus skillfully navigated through City defenders near their corner flag, eventually conceding a foul. After the referee’s whistle, Jesus continued to dribble the ball and casually knocked it a few yards away. Just then, Ederson entered the scene, resulting in a collision between the two Brazilian players. Both received bookings, Jesus for time-wasting and Ederson for his forceful push.

Back in Brazil, journalists inquired whether this incident would affect their partnership in the upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Colombia and Uruguay. Gabriel Jesus addressed the matter during a press conference, reassuring fans and observers.

He stated, “I have a good relationship, not just with Ederson, but with all my teammates. However, on the pitch, these things can happen. Ederson and I have spent a lot of time together at City, and we have a great friendship. He knows how much I respect him, and I’m aware of the respect he has for me.”

Jesus continued, “But on the pitch, we each defend our teams. During that moment, we were leading, and I was holding onto the ball. It’s not easy to beat them. He gave me a push, but afterward, everything returned to normal. We talked and resolved it. That’s it.”

In the heat of competition, emotions can occasionally boil over, but Gabriel Jesus’s comments emphasize that the bonds of friendship and camaraderie extend beyond the pitch. The incident between him and Ederson, although notable, appears to be a fleeting moment in an enduring relationship between two talented Brazilian footballers.