Harry Kane set for Bayern Munich move


Tottenham has given Harry Kane permission to travel to Germany for a physical after the London club approved Bayern Munich’s £100 million+ offer.

The 30-year-old reportedly thought about staying at Spurs and waiting to go on a free transfer next summer, but it is believed he has changed his mind and believes the move would be best for his career.

The club has made it plain that they believe they can win the Champions League with a team led by Kane and managed by Thomas Tuchel, and all communication with Bayern has been easy.

The player’s team reportedly waited for a transfer from Manchester United or Real Madrid, but when that didn’t happen, they quickly considered the benefits and drawbacks and chose to move forward with the arrangement with Bayern.

Kane now wants to play against Leipzig in the German Super Cup on Saturday, but there are still many formalities to be done before the deal can be finalized.