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Popular Ghanaian actors Kalybos, Nadia Buari, Zynell Zuh, Hailey Sumney, and a few others were involved in a recent incident on a film set, which sparked a spirited conversation on social media.

The performers could be seen having fun and showcasing the behind-the-scenes of the movie they were filming in a video that Kalybos posted on Instagram. The video’s use of Sarkodie’s “Try Me,” which was directed at fellow actress Yvonne Nelson, as the background music, as posted by Kalybos, has drawn criticism.

Social media users’ reactions to this unexpected song choice have been mixed, with some expressing displeasure and condemning the actors’ behavior.

Users immediately started posting comments about the video on social media networks, which varied from confusion to disappointment.

One user said, “Hmmm…I like the entire crew…but I don’t like the song though ????…despite the fact that Sarkodie is my Best Musician in Ghana,” expressing their disapproval of the song choice.

Another social media user added, “Oh, you people are using this disgraceful song? Or are you doing it because you are not in good terms with Yvonne, so you support Sarkodie. So shameful,” implying that the actors’ choice of song was motivated by a negative relationship with Yvonne Nelson.

A particularly disgruntled user expressed their disappointment in the actors, stating, “I thought they’re supposed to have each other’s backs noorrr hmmm. This shows that they all might have been envying, jealous, and hating on Yvonne for a long time on low key… playing this derogating disrespectful, and insulting song by @sarkodie directed at Yvonne on their gatherings tells it all.

“Wow, I’m so disappointed in @kalybos1 and @iamnadiabuari, these two have been my all-time best and favorite, not even the Yvonne Nelson I am supporting in this case, and yet they do this ???????????? I never thought they could stoop this low, be this bitter and hateful too towards Yvonne Nelson like Sarkodie… As for the rest of the ladies, it’s obvious that they hate and envy Yvonne, the girl’s height and beauty alone helped her to play in almost all of Ghana’s top hit movies by playing major lead roles and not them, so somehow, they are jealous and angry with her. Still, it is not her fault if they should be angry with her for that… but Doing this to your colleague actors is absurd and wicked!!! These are some of the behaviors and attitudes in we Africans reasons why we are not progressing above the mediocre standards we feel so content with and complacent about.. sad reality..”