Kurt Okraku Promises a New Era of Football Development in Ghana

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Kurt Okraku, who was re-elected as the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) for a second term during the GFA Elective Congress in Tamale, has pledged to initiate a new phase of football development in Ghana.

President Okraku secured a resounding victory in the election, receiving 117 out of 120 votes cast, equivalent to 97.1% of the vote. His victory came after his sole contender, George Afriyie, was disqualified from the race, leaving Okraku as the only candidate.

In his post-election speech, President Okraku expressed his gratitude to the football community for their trust and support. He acknowledged the progress made in the last four years in addressing the fundamental issues within Ghanaian football and emphasized his commitment to making Ghanaian football more attractive and competitive at all levels.

President Okraku stated, “Indeed, in the last four years, we have made some good steps in fixing the fundamentals of the sport and ensuring that our country is competitive on all fronts.” He expressed his appreciation for the confidence placed in him to continue working towards the development of Ghanaian football.

Addressing those in the football community, President Okraku acknowledged that, like any journey, there have been challenges and conflicts along the way. He extended an apology to those he may have offended and called for unity within the football family.

“I know I made a lot of good friends. At the same time, I know I also know there were enemies. For all of us who love football and have been on this journey together, whoever I offended, I say I am sorry. If I did wrong to you, it was for footballing reasons,” President Okraku stated.

He urged everyone involved in Ghanaian football to come together and work collectively to address the challenges facing the sport. President Okraku emphasized that the GFA is ready to listen to different perspectives and ideas, signaling a new era of collaboration and development.

“A new chapter of developing our game is now, a new chapter of ensuring the growth of our game awaits us, and as a family, we owe it a duty to solve our problems,” he concluded.

With his re-election, President Okraku is set to lead the Ghana Football Association into the next phase of football development in the country.