Sonnie Badu Urges Youth to Take Responsibility and Not Blame President Akufo-Addo


International award-winning preacher and gospel singer, Sonnie Badu, has offered advice to the youth, encouraging them to embrace “honesty” and “truth” in their endeavors and refrain from solely attributing blame to the current president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

During an appearance on TV3’s New Day on Friday, October 6, ahead of the launch of his ‘Rhythms of Afrika’ event, Sonnie Badu shared his perspective on the challenges facing the country.

“I said on the other show yesterday that I don’t think the President is sleeping,” he remarked to host Cookie Tee, emphasizing that he believes President Akufo-Addo is deeply concerned about the ongoing difficulties in the nation. In light of this, Badu encouraged the youth to also conduct themselves with honesty and integrity.

Badu, who is the founder and lead Pastor of RockHill Church, stressed the importance of networking and collaboration among the youth. He urged them to work honestly and truthfully, citing examples of individuals involved in construction projects who inflate costs to profit themselves at the expense of project owners.

He further emphasized that such practices are detrimental and called on the youth to recognize the talents and gifts within them. He urged them to seek God’s favor and operate in honesty, believing that this will lead to their success.

In his prayer for the people facing challenges in the current economic climate, Sonnie Badu asked for divine intervention and urged everyone to pray for their “destiny helpers.”

“I pray for everybody here even though things are tough here, may God make a way for everybody where there seems to be no way. And may God send everybody their destiny helper. That’s all we need,” he said.

Sonnie Badu is currently in Ghana for the launch of the ‘Rhythms of Afrika’ event, which is scheduled for Saturday, December 9.