Nima Police Inspector Arrested In Connection To Robbery

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An Inspector of Police has been taken into custody at the Nima Police station as a result of an intelligence operation by the Ghana Police Service.

According to information obtained by, Inspector Abednego Bortieh of the Nima Police station was detained for his role in the robbery of an Indian businessman in Accra.

According to information gathered, on July 21, 2023 at 16:00 hours, Girish Saohwani, an Indian, and Albert Mensah visited the RCID/AR and reported that while they were at their Osu home with his three other Indian brothers, four suspects—two male and two female, with one of the male suspects wearing a police uniform—forcibly entered their room and accused them of conducting illegal business in Ghana.

Threatening the victims, the suspects took their GHC700,000 ($56,450), four passports for travel, one iPhone 12pro max, two iPhone 11, one iPhone 7, a Samsung phone, one HP laptop, and one Dell laptop from their room before fleeing in a Nissan Sentra saloon.
According to sources within the police, the suspects were located after the incident, and Inspector Abednego Bortieh of the Nima Police station was detained in connection with the case.

The Inspector confessed to the crime when being questioned and named Francis Omari, an IPMC ICT tutor, Helena Tetteh, and another as his civilian accomplices.

Following a search of the inspector’s quarters, GHC185,105 and $22,500 were found.
He is being held while helping the police find his accomplices. Any updates on the case will be published in due time.