OSP has received Over 200 reports to look into Cecilia Dapaah’s stolen money.

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Numerous complaints requiring a swift inquiry into a sizable amount of money taken from the property of the former Minister for Sanitation, Madam Cecilia Dapaah, have flooded the offices of the Special Prosecutor.

Reliable sources have informed that notable people have submitted over 200 reports expressing worry about the origin of the allegedly stolen monies, which were taken by the former Minister’s two domestic assistants.

On Saturday, July 22, 2023, Madam Cecilia Dapaah made an official resignation announcement. After learning that her housekeepers had reportedly taken substantial sums of both international and local currency from her Accra home, she resigned. The heinous robbery stunned the populace, causing shockwaves to reverberate throughout the country.

Two housekeepers, Patience Botwe, 18, and Sarah Agyei, 30, are currently accused of participating in the crime and are appearing before an Accra Circuit Court. They are accused of stealing a staggering sum of $1 million, €300,000, and millions of Ghanaian cedis between July and October 2022 from Madam Dapaah’s home in Abelenkpe, Accra.
However, the OSP does not always require a formal report or petition to begin an investigation into suspected corruption situations. The OSP has not yet said if it would launch an investigation into the incident.

Social media has also been used by several Ghanaians to urge the Special Prosecutor to move quickly on the source of the stolen monies probe.

Many Ghanaians are seeking explanations for the problem since Madam Dapaah has not yet offered a convincing account of how the money taken from her home—which she shared with her husband—came to be.