Real madrid would need to spend €550M to get Kylian Mbappe

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After Kylian Mbappe, 24, announced his decision to leave Paris Saint-Germain as a free agent next season, there has been a lot of speculation over the past few weeks about Real Madrid’s interest in signing the player.

Mbappe has been handed an ultimatum by PSG, who are keen to prevent him from leaving for free: sign a new contract by this summer or else.

Mbappe would like to join Real Madrid in 2024 since they wouldn’t have to pay a transfer fee. Relevo has examined the details of a potential deal and determined that should the French international sign now, the entire endeavour will cost Los Blancos roughly €550 million.

This covers salary, signing-on fees, transfer costs, and agent fees. Real Madrid won’t think about moving this summer unless the price is significantly lowered.

Mbappe and Real Madrid would want that he finish out his contract before moving to the Spanish capital in the coming summer. The hard attitude of PSG, however, suggests that he may be forced to leave in the coming weeks.