Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti Responds Firmly to Atletico Madrid CEO’s Accusations


Real Madrid’s head coach, Carlo Ancelotti, has responded to recent allegations made by Atletico Madrid’s CEO, Miguel Angel Gil Marin, with a statement emphasizing that “nobody is perfect.” Ancelotti’s comments come in the wake of growing tensions between the two rival clubs, centered around accusations of pressuring referees.

The conflict escalated when Real Madrid TV released a critical report concerning the referee’s decisions during their match against Las Palmas. The report highlighted perceived mistakes that were believed to have favored Real Madrid’s rivals or worked against the Los Blancos. It went a step further by implying that referees not in favor of Real Madrid were part of what it dubbed the ‘Negreira League,’ insinuating a level of corruption favoring Barcelona over Real Madrid.

In response to the report, Miguel Angel Gil Marin accused Real Madrid of creating a hostile environment for referees and compromising the integrity of the competition itself.

Ancelotti, unsurprisingly, was questioned about these allegations following Real Madrid’s victory over Las Palmas. He addressed the issue by stating, “In this regard, I do not pay attention to what the owner or president of Atletico says. The question we must ask is whether the referees feel affected.” He then added, “I’m simply saying that he made a massive mistake. Nobody is perfect.”

The recent climate of media-driven pressure on referees has become increasingly common in football, with major publications frequently reporting on which referees are officiating games and their past interactions with the teams they cover closely. The ‘Negreira investigation’ has intensified this scrutiny, with little restraint shown in how referees are assessed and treated. In some instances, this has resulted in instances of violence against referees, highlighting the need for a more measured approach to addressing concerns within the sport.

As tensions persist between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, Ancelotti’s response underscores the challenges that arise when intense rivalries spill over into allegations and controversies surrounding match officiating. It remains to be seen how both clubs will navigate these issues moving forward and whether steps will be taken to promote a more respectful and balanced discourse in the world of football.