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SBL World Returns with Afro Beats Anthem “Usain Bolt” – Coming Soon


Ghanaian musical duo SBL World, comprising Akwesi Adjei Amponsah and Cyril Amponsah, is set to make a dynamic comeback with their upcoming Afro beats single, “Usain Bolt.” Which is set to be released on 21st December 2023. The track, produced and crafted by Akyende6, promises a vibrant and rhythm-infused narrative.

Drawing inspiration from a true-life love story, “Usain Bolt” unfolds the captivating tale of African men vying for the attention of a beautiful woman. The song captures the lively essence of the pursuit, reflecting the energy and charm synonymous with the iconic sprinter Usain Bolt.

Having taken a brief hiatus to refine their artistry and self-discovery, SBL World returns rejuvenated and poised to deliver chart-topping bangers. The musical duo is known for their distinct Afro beats sound, and “Usain Bolt” is anticipated to showcase their evolved mastery of the genre.

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By Barimah Amoaning Samuel