Josh Blakk

Josh Blakk Ends 2023 on a High Note with Exclusive one on O.N.E Show at Jambo SpacesX


Ghanaian music sensation Josh Blakk bid farewell to 2023 in grand style, hosting a captivating One on O.N.E show at Jambo Spaces on December 30th. The event was a unique opportunity for the artist to connect with his fans on a personal level, culminating in an exclusive album play and live performance alongside his talented band.
The focal point of the evening was the spotlight on Josh Blakk’s latest album, O.N.E. Fans were treated to an intimate experience as he performed some of his favorites from the album, including hits like “Iyawu,” “Through the Night,” “Hankipanki,” and “Number 1.” The atmosphere was electrifying, and attendees reveled in the chance to witness the artist’s live rendition of these tracks.
The O.N.E Album has garnered widespread acclaim since its release, with several songs enjoying extensive airplay on various radio stations. Particularly, “Iyawu” has achieved remarkable success, securing a coveted spot on playlists across popular streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Audiomack, and Spotify.

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The event not only showcased Josh Blakk’s musical prowess but also provided fans with an unforgettable experience to cherish. As the echoes of his soulful tunes reverberated through Jambo Spaces, it marked a memorable conclusion to the year and set the stage for what promises to be an exciting musical journey in the coming year.
As Josh Blakk continues to make waves in the music scene, his O.N.E Album stands as a testament to his dedication and creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of music enthusiasts. The show at Jambo Spaces served as a fitting celebration of artistic expression, connecting fans and the artist in a shared appreciation for good music.

By Barimah Amoaning Samuel