Tragic Loss Strikes Ashanti Region as 33-Year-Old Nurse Falls Victim to Unknown Assailants

African News

In a distressing turn of events, Rita Asamoah, a 33-year-old nurse residing in Atwima Boko within the Ashanti Region, has reportedly fallen victim to unknown assailants.

Rita’s husband raised the alarm in the early hours of Tuesday, October 10, informing the police that his wife had not returned home after her usual workday. Family sources recount the grim tale, revealing that Rita left for work the previous day and did not return as expected.

Responding swiftly to the distressing report, local law enforcement and community members joined forces to initiate a search for the missing nurse. The search took a grim turn when they discovered her sandals, roughly one hundred meters from her residence. The situation escalated from concern to tragedy when they stumbled upon her lifeless body in a nearby thicket.

In addition to her lifeless body, investigators uncovered some peculiar items near the scene, including an amount of money and supplies like diapers and baby food, which Rita had purchased. In light of these unsettling discoveries, the police transported her body to the mortuary while launching a comprehensive investigation into the matter.

Rita’s landlady, Akosua Agyeiwaa, shared the poignant details, explaining, “Before leaving for work on Monday, she spoke with me.” The distressing sequence of events began when her husband contacted the landlady the following morning, expressing his concern that his wife had not returned home from work the previous day. Her husband further revealed that Rita’s phone was unresponsive, and he was unable to reach her. This alarming development prompted him to report her as missing to the police.

While in conversation with the police, a neighbor came forward with a vital piece of information – the discovery of sandals in close proximity to Rita’s home. An examination confirmed that they belonged to the missing nurse. The devastating discovery of her lifeless body in the vicinity of the sandals left all those involved in the search overcome with grief.

Rita Asamoah leaves behind three young children, aged 12, 4, and 2. The untimely loss has cast a pall of fear over the community. Samuel Afrifa, a neighbor of the deceased, expressed the shared sentiment of trepidation among residents. “Due to the death of our neighbor, we are indeed living in fear,” he stated, emphasizing the pressing need for enhanced security in the area.