Launch of the National AI for Youth Program in Accra

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A national AI for youth program has been started to give students access to the modules they need to create answers to problems in agriculture, health, and climate change.

Students are anticipated to benefit from the initiative being promoted by Coral Reef Innovation Hub in collaboration with Intel as they address concerns related to education, finances, and other areas.

After South Africa, Ghana is the second nation on the continent to introduce this program.

Dr. Kwabena Tandoh, Deputy Director-General of Ghana Education Service (GES), stressed the importance of students, teachers, and parents utilizing technology to help with work-related tasks during the launch at the Association International School in Accra.

He also emphasized the GES’s goals to teach technology to all students nationwide in order to assist them comprehend the value of artificial intelligence and the benefits and needs of technology.

Dr. Bienvenu Soglo, Intel’s CTO liaison for Africa and the IGA, emphasized the modules that are available to students that have been created to give them a thorough understanding of artificial intelligence technology and its effects on society.

Additionally, it is anticipated that it will give students the opportunity to properly use A.I. tools and processes to develop solutions with a purpose and, ultimately, to use A.I. to develop significant solutions to diverse local and global concerns.

Richard Anim, the managing partner at Coral Reef Innovation Hub, revealed plans by his company to train more than 1,400 instructors, set up AI smart laboratories in 700 schools with more than 45,000 devices, and ultimately train one million pupils nationwide.

He urged businesses, organizations, schools, and people to work with them to make this a reality.

In all Ghanaian schools, the National AI For Youth Program will be implemented. The National AI For Youth Competition will follow, and the winners will go on to represent Ghana at the Intel AI Global Impact Festival.

Other presenters, including Lady Omega, CEO of Ampersand Technologies, David A. Ofori, Director of Innovation, NEIP, Lady Fatima Ali Mohammed, Founder & CEO, of African Brand Warrior, and others emphasized the importance of embracing artificial intelligence as a tool to help the continent undergo transformation.