Ukraine updates: Kyiv, Odesa hit by new Russia drone attacks

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Russian forces have again sent fleets of drones over major Ukrainian cities. There was reported damage to port facilities in Odesa as Russia continues to target grain infrastructure.

Russia launched major drone attacks on the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and the main Black Sea port of Odesa overnight to Wednesday, causing damage to port infrastructure in the latter, Ukrainian authorities say.

The attacks come a day after Russia said it brought down Ukrainian drones targeting Moscow, Russian-held Crimea and vessels in the Black Sea.

Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is now in its 18th month.

Russian drones hit Ukrainian Danube port of Izmail

Russian drones have reportedly caused serious damage at the Ukrainian port of Izmail as Moscow steps up its attacks on its neighbor’s agricultural and port infrastructure following its withdrawal from a deal allowing the export of Ukrainian grain.

“Another elevator in the port of Izmail, Odesa region, was damaged by Russians. Ukrainian grain has the potential to feed millions of people worldwide,” the Ukrainian Defense Ministry wrote on the messaging platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

Izmail, located on the River Danube directly on the border to NATO member Romania, is a key port for grain export from Ukraine that allows the produce to be transported by barge to the Romanian Black Sea port of Constanta for shipment onward.

Several grain warehouses at the port were destroyed by a previous Russian attack in late July.

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