Gianluca Scamacca, a striker for West Ham whose future at the London club is in doubt, has admitted he would be content to play for Jose Mourinho’s Roma team.

Scamacca has been associated with both Milan and Roma in addition to the former. Yesterday, Juventus made a bid for the Azzurri attacker, and it is unclear what the 24-year-old’s future holds.

In an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Scamacca expressed his enthusiasm for Roma, Mourinho, and Francesco Totti. Roma is seeking to recruit the midfielder on a loan agreement.

“Roma is home for me. And Totti my idol as a child. And what player in the world wouldn’t dream of being coached by Mourinho? I am convinced that Mou would stimulate me and with him I would improve even more.”

He added that if he did return to Serie A, it wouldn’t be because he struggled in England but rather because doing so would be an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

“If I had to return to Serie A, it wouldn’t be because I failed in England, that’s not the case. Simply because it would be an unmissable opportunity. No, it wouldn’t even be a step backwards for my career: our league remains one of the best.”

Scamacca has struggled with his fitness during his tenure at West Ham, and in the interview, he said that very few people are aware that he played the entire season with a fractured meniscus. It became impossible for him to keep playing after a certain point.

“Maybe people don’t know it, but I played all year with a broken meniscus. Then at a certain point it was impossible to continue and I ended up under the knife. Until March, I played 27 games, scored 8 goals. It could have been better, but it could have been even worse.The Conference League win was a great joy for everyone: it was our passion from the beginning of the season. I didn’t play in the final against Fiorentina, it’s true, but of course I feel the Conference is mine. I scored 3 goals in the Cup in 7 games.”

Scamacca’s first season was a struggle, which may be linked to his unsuitability for David Moyes’ system, but his reputation in Italy hasn’t diminished.